Laundromats are staples in communities just as parks, museums, and restaurants are. They are scattered throughout each community and each laundromat varies as to how it looks, how large the facility is, and how modern the equipment is. Enter Old Town Express Laundry and Clothesline Laundry Services, Marietta’s newest laundromat business in the area. At this new facility, patrons have plenty of space to tend to their laundry, all while using the best state of the art equipment in the area.

Frank and Judy Lang, owners of the establishment, take their business very seriously. They’ve been in the laundry business since 1991. Many patrons may be familiar with their previous laundry service, the Wash-N-Go Coin Laundromat, which was located in the Frontier Shopping Center. Judy states they were “looking for a larger facility that would better serve the Marietta area and MOV, as Wash-N-Go was very small.” Cue their now current location on 704 Pike Street. They purchased the building this past June, and it underwent a complete transformation.

Upon the building’s facelift, the Langs made a discovery which would not only help impact the name of their laundromat, but which would also showcase the overall feel of the building: a wooden truss. “During the remodel, we exposed and refinished an existing wooden truss, and this allowed us to develop a sort of rustic theme for our business. With Marietta being very historic, we decided to name the laundromat Old Town Express Laundry, as it fit right in with our rustic theme,” Judy said. The Lang family took the historic ties a step further and hired a local artist to paint a mural on one of the walls. “We were able to showcase some of Marietta’s unique history by hiring a local artist, Bonie Bolen, to paint a beautiful mural on the wall above the row of dryers, depicting several scenes of old town Marietta.”

When we were discussing the idea with our children, they sort of jumped on the idea and decided to take it upon themselves to start a business of their own, and so Clothesline Laundry Services was created!

With purchasing a larger facility, Frank and Judy desired to offer even more services in the MOV than just a laundromat. Judy states: “We had been considering doing a drop off wash, dry, and fold service. When we were discussing the idea with our children, they sort of jumped on the idea and decided to take it upon themselves to start a business of their own, and so Clothesline Laundry Services was created!” With this service, patrons are able to drop off their laundry and have it professionally washed, dried, folded, and packaged all in the same day. Special requests such as line drying and ironing are available as well.

At Old Town Express Laundry, patrons help themselves to top of the line washers and dryers. Offering the best technology possible was a supremely important element to Frank and Judy. The business uses Electrolux equipment, and Frank spent three days at an Electrolux manufacturing facility in Ljungby, Sweden to learn more about these cutting edge washers and dryers. As Frank explained, “there’s a lot of technology behind cleaning clothes.” One element the washers provide is a sanitizing feature. If a customer chooses, this feature can clean the tub before the wash cycle is started. It offers a 140˚ water rinse and a customer can add bleach as an extra cleaning agent if desired during this process.

When the washer isn’t sanitizing, it is always washing at a solid 125˚ temperature and there are always 450 g-forces behind each normal wash. Another feature Frank beamed about was the double wash characteristic. Unlike a standard wash cycle, the double wash system gets every last bit of soap removed from clothing. The high g-force of the Electrolux washers literally pulls the suds away from the clothes and frees them of any leftover detergent residue. Therefore, the water from the rinse cycle will not be contaminated by any remaining water or suds from the wash cycle. It’s a very streamline process and Frank notes that most people have been appreciative of the high quality results from the washers and dryers. To make the deal even sweeter, the average wash cycle is roughly 30 minutes and the average dry time is around 15 minutes. In short, a customer can do both his washing and drying in about an hour.

With the advanced equipment, patrons have the option of using Apple Pay, Google Wallet, credit cards, gift cards from the business, or cash. They can also download the Fascard app. This app ties a customer’s credit card number to her phone and when she’s ready to wash her clothes, all she has to do is scan the code provided and the washer will start right up! This app also allows a patron to track her wash if she has to leave the building for an errand or the like. A person can use the Fascard app to check the availability of the machines before she even leaves her house. Convenient options like these are just a few of the ways Old Town Express Laundry strive to serve their customers.

Judy notes the facility is always completely staffed and helpful. “We are fully attended with dedicated, friendly, and accommodating employees. We are very price competitive, if not the cheapest in town! We offer free Wi-Fi, a children’s play area, big screen TVs, vending machines, gift cards, and a loyalty card program. Our facility is clean and spacious and customers can feel like they are in a comfortable, homelike environment!” Frank notes with the loyalty card, customers earn 5% cashback rewards. The business will offer different specials tied to the loyalty card, such as a free dry.

The Lang family has created a welcoming and accommodating environment while offering top of the line washers and dryers for their customers. Judy stresses the importance of local businesses in the area with this thought: “Small local businesses are the backbone of our community! We have a safe, clean, spacious facility with new and efficient equipment that works. Customers can either come to do their laundry themselves or have it done for them by our dedicated professionals at Clothesline Laundry Services. Either way, we hope they feel like laundry is not such a chore anymore!”