Just a Jar, located at 208 Front Street, started in 2009 when Bobby Rosenstock and his wife Sara Alway-Rosenstock moved to Marietta. Sara secured a job at Marietta College teaching graphic design and Bobby opened the shop. Bobby does the wood carving, illustrating and printing while Sara focuses on art directions and digital designs.

The couple moved from Philadelphia and the inspiration from the shop stemmed from an antique printing press from the 1960s that Bobby put in his garage.

“It started in my garage, then we moved to a loft space on second street and this past year we moved onto Front Street,” Bobby said.

The equipment dates back to the late 1800s. Bobby recalls that he has had long conversations about the history of printing and he enjoys making those connections. People even remember the smell of the ink.


“Some people grew up in a shop like this,” Bobby said.

Bobby slowly started getting client work that kept getting the store more attention.

“We started working with Stewart’s Opera House in Nelsonville as well as Marietta Adventure Company and Marietta Trails and Ales Festival,” Bobby said.

One of Just A Jar’s bigger jobs involved working with Marietta Brewing Company creating designs for all of their beers. Just A Jar also makes posters for the local Farmer’s Market and Merchant and Artist’s walks. They partner with other local stores including Silver Linings, the Cook Shop and Marietta Adventure Company.


“Some of our bigger client work focuses on band posters. We have worked with musicians like Willie Nelson, Sound Garden and Belle and Sebastian,” Bobby said.

The couple wasn’t searching for a new location on Front Street. They have limited hours, but agree that the new location makes them more visible to the town and community. Bobby and Sara share the studio with Leigh Cox, who works in the studio and helps them run the store.

“We are trying to host different events and workshops,” Bobby said.


In addition to the workshops, they have had various artists visit the store and a small gallery show for RTA fest. They have also featured a book artist from New Hampshire who runs workshops.

“We are trying to create an artistic space that is open to people,” Bobby said with regards to the atmosphere the store is trying to create.

One of the new events that Just A Jar hosts is monthly drawing parties. They put out a lot of art supplies and everyone is welcome, whether you are experienced or just coming to play. There is always music playing in the shop.


“We also host other artists that are in the area that don’t have a space to show their work,” Bobby said.

Bobby also notes that a lot of the art they make is low priced.

“We are trying to create work that is accessible to the public, something that people that maybe don’t have a history or aren’t used to looking at art can come here and buy things since it is affordable and accessible,” Bobby said.


To learn more check out Just A Jar’s website or Facebook page!