Indie jazz-soul singer-songwriter Jess Baldwin heads out on tour in Ohio this August to kick off the launch of her first album. Gigs in Columbus, Marietta, and Tiffin will accompany a Kickstarter campaign and single launch as Baldwin establishes Ohio as her “Home” (also the title of the first single) and finally releases her first album after a lifetime of waiting!

Jess has appeared on American Public Television’s Songs at the Center and NPR’s Mountain Stage. She’s also won Best Cover Song twice in the Ohio Music Awards, and was quarterfinalist in the 2015 and 2017 American Traditions Competition.

The album (currently called “Anima”) is a collection of vignettes from the early years of Jess’ recovery from developmental and religious trauma. Her musical style takes two big shots of warm soul and jazz and adds a splash of indie influences like Laura Mvula and Becca Stevens and a garnish of modern classical minimalism a la Steve Reich. 

“It took me a long time to start writing songs because CPTSD can make it hard to speak your truth. My recovery and my songwriting have gone hand in hand.” said Baldwin. “It can be hard to tell my story, but it’s worth it when it helps people feel less alone.”

In addition to Baldwin, the album will feature musicians from Baldwin’s adopted hometown of Columbus, OH, as well as folks she’s played with for years in southeast Ohio and her home state of West Virginia. 

“I see the world as a magical place and have tried to capture that in my songs. I love to create musical spaces that feel ethereal, warm, healing, beautiful, and a little weird. It’s one of the things I wanted to keep from my religious experiences while expanding into more ways of thinking and singing about human existence, including the fact that it’s all pretty strange.” said Baldwin.

Baldwin is the latest musician to take to Kickstarter as the music industry continues to evolve toward independent, fan-funded projects. 

“For years, fans have been asking when I would release my first album, and I’ve finally taken the plunge! These songs need professional treatment with the best musicians and sound engineers in the region, and Kickstarter is the perfect way to get a high-quality album directly into listeners’ ears.”