After the rainbows and butterflies of a wedding engagement pass, it is time for the bride to start sorting through the endless color schemes, floral arrangements and gowns she has saved to her Pinterest. But, the biggest decision to make is selecting the venue. The mountains of West Virginia offer the perfect backdrop for a truly magical ceremony, and Herot Hall is ready to help make dreams come true.

While it is named after the wealthy mead hall where warriors gathered to drink and celebrate in the Old English poem “Beowulf,” Herot Hall is a rustic barn located in Kenna, W.Va. Being only a 35-minute, southern drive, Kenna is just a hop, skip and a jump from Parkersburg. Arriving at the location, you know why the state is called “Almost Heaven.”

“When you visit our farm, you find a beautiful environment to enjoy God’s creation. He paints the sky with orange and pink sunsets, allows the mountain breeze to flow through and provides us with a wonderful spot to host any gathering,” owner Walter Moore said.

Herot Hall Indoor

On the rolling green hills sits a remodeled barn featuring elegant spaces. Inside, the mind flows with endless possibilities for a wedding reception. One can imagine the chandelier reflecting light on the wooden panels and french doors as guests dance the night away. Outside, there is a deck complete with picnic tables and other outdoor seating. Last, extending from the barn is a large concreted area where couples may say their “I dos” while overlooking the blueberry farm.

Herot Hall Outdoor

That’s right, not only is Herot Hall made complete with dressing rooms, bathrooms, Wi-Fi and a PA system, but it also has a pick-your-own blueberry farm. Walter, a pharmacist, planted thousands of bushes in 2008, and after a long wait, he opened his doors in 2011 for berry lovers to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Herot Hall Blueberry Picking

“It took a while to get to where we are now, and I have killed more than 100 bushes while experimenting – the soil has to be prepped a certain way. Not to mention, our pickers can’t have tobacco around the plants, because it could carry a virus that can kill the berries,” Walter said.

However, nothing can kill the vibe at Herot Hall Farm. The fruit is plentiful, the fields are easy to walk and the view from the barn is breathtaking. Whether you are looking for a quiet afternoon picnic, to pick berries for your grandma’s famous pie or a venue to host a celebration, this Kenna farm is the place to do so. Walter is proud of the land he tends to and what it has to offer.

“I hope the berries can produce for a good 30 or more years, and I pray that someone will keep up with this after I am long gone. This land is too beautiful to become a housing development,” Walter said.

Plan your next event with Herot Hall Farm. For more information, call 304-933-7799.