Heroes are characters we learn about as kids. We respect them, admire them, and oftentimes strive to be like them. Marietta, Ohio has a lot of heroes in her local businesses. These localities are the backbone of our city and they are one of the many elements that make Marietta so charming. Last summer, Marietta added another hero to her roster with HeroCakes Bakery. Offering such treats as cakes, cookies, and cupcakes, HeroCakes is definitely another MOV locale you’ll want to add to your “must have” list.

Laura Wolfe, owner and baker of HeroCakes, kind of came into this entrepreneurial pursuit by accident. Laura worked for Ohio University but once her first child entered the picture, she decided she wanted to stay home with her son. After some months had passed, Laura desired a creative outlet. Although she wasn’t quite sure what this outlet would entail, she initially thought some type of crafting venture would satisfy her creativity. To her surprise her artistry would not be in the form of crafting, but in that of baking.

Enter Jay Walker, a friend of Laura’s and also the owner of the comic book shop, Comic Sense, in Belpre, Ohio. Upon discussion, Laura baked some cupcakes and brought them to Jay’s shop one day for customers to sample. Needless to say the cupcakes were a hit and Laura had found her creative niche. Thus, HeroCakes was born.

Laura explains from the onset of her business endeavor she wanted to be different. Although you may not guess it from how extraordinary her sweet treats are, Laura is a self-taught baker. She loves kids and since her bakery started at Comic Sense, she thought it seemed fitting to name her business HeroCakes. Laura and Jay both have a love of family and the younger generation. Jay is reaching out to kids and teenagers through his store and Laura is doing the same with her super cool, superhero themed goodies.

Even though superhero items are extremely popular, Laura does provide non-superhero related items as well. Loaded brownies, specialty cupcakes, gourmet cakes and hand-decorated cookies are part of the team too. Two of Laura’s favorite things to bake are the specialty cupcakes and the hand-decorated cookies because the creative options with these items are endless. So far Laura has made 50 different individual combos for her specialty cupcakes. It should also be noted that all her baked goods are made from scratch, which includes the doughs, batters, icings, everything. You’re not gonna find any pre-packaged ingredients in this gal’s kitchen.

HeroCakes caters to birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, special events, or just those of us craving some tried and true chocolate chip cookies (which I’ve sampled and they are AMAZING!). Laura’s “Dark Knight” cupcakes are highly popular with customers, especially chocoholics, since the cupcakes are dressed in chocolate from top to bottom. Another item that’s been gaining popularity has been her royal iced cookies, which are in demand for birthdays. Laura also saw her Wonder Woman themed suit cookies sell out immediately at a recent Comic Sense event. Whatever sweet treat you’re craving, she’s more than likely got you covered.
So where can you acquire all these sweet confections? At the moment, Laura is working strictly from home. Her home bakery is state approved and it fits her needs. She is able to do two things that she loves: stay at home and raise her lovely son and daughter and also bake delicious concoctions for those of us in the MOV. If you’re looking to place an order, Laura will need at least a week’s notice. However, you may be able to catch her at local vendor sales, craft sales, and during special events at Comic Sense. If you’re in the Belpre area, Belair’s Bistro and Catering is currently selling HeroCakes treats.

Loving your profession is great, but having a love for family, kids, and community takes it to a whole other level. Laura is passionate about baking, but she’s also passionate about the well-being of those around her. She loves this area and the people in it. And to me, that makes her a true hero.

HeroCakes can be contacted through email at herocakesbakery@gmail.com; through Facebook; or by phone at 740-568-8696.