It’s February and its the month of LOVE so I’m bringing you a couples workout that you and your sweatheart can do together.

Exercise floods you with those feel good endorphins and by asking your sweetie to try new things with you it can ignite those same feelings as falling in love.

Grab your sweetie and let’s get sweating:

All you need is a partner and a towel or mat.

Make sure you are both warmed up before starting the workout. How about a 1 mile walk or jog together?

Squat Circles:

Hold on to each other’s opposite wrists and while remaining in a squat, rotate around in a circle, going twice in once direction and twice in the opposite direction.



Tricep Dips:

Place your hands just above your partners knee and set up for Tricep Dips. Do 8 reps together. If needed use a sturdy chair.



Toe Touches:

Holding hands and using each other for balance as you try to touch the floor. Aim for 12 reps each leg.



Plank Hops:

Hold a plank position on your elbows or palms while your partner does a lateral hop (or a side-step) over your legs. Aim for 12 reps.



High Five:

Squat at the same time and jump up, high five your partner in the air. Do 8-12 reps.



Couple Sit Ups:

Have your partner hold your feet while also holding a plank and you will perform sit ups. Switch off and complete 8-12 reps each (feel free to give a kiss each time you sit up too).



Pike Stretch:

Hold for 30 seconds


Straddle Stretch:

Hold for 30 seconds


Looking for some more ideas to get your “sweat on”  together?

 Here are some other great ideas for “fitness dates” that you two can share together.

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Running
  • Dancing
  • Take a Fitness Class
  • Skiing
  • Train for an Event

Sweating together and sharing your fitness and wellness goals with your partner is a wonderful bonding experience that can lead to a healthier life for the both of you.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day,