Lots of folks claim not to like hot dogs, but that seems a little hard to swallow, pardon the pun, considering how many of these definitive American sausages are consumed every day. Maybe it’s that folks want to appear to eat more healthily than they do in reality. It seems more likely, though, that it’s just plain snobbery. Hot dogs are seen by some as the poor cousin of the hamburger. It seems like every time there is a cookout, the hamburgers fly off the grill and the hot dogs turn to charred little cinder cylinders. 

And that’s too bad, because, poor relations or no, hot dogs are delectable treats. And that’s no truer anywhere than at Flying Dogs Hot Dogs on 7th Street in Marietta. An unassuming little joint that used to be, well, lots of things, Flying Dogs is home to some of the tastiest franks around. And folks around the area seem to agree, as business has been quite brisk since the doors opened in February 2018. This is the third location for the business, but the first in the immediate area. The other two are in Jane Lew and Weston, West Virginia. If that area sounds familiar to folks who are fans of T & L Hot Dogs, a central West Virginia staple for decades, the owners of Flying Dogs are actually relatives of the folks who founded T & L. And the quality of the food is a testament to that. Flying Dogs Hot DogsIf you’re into a standard hot dog, this is the place to go. They have every topping you can think of and a few you probably can’t. They have the regular toppings, like mustard, ketchup, onions, sauce, kraut, and relish, along with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos,. West Virginians will be happy to know they also have slaw, and the good news is these folks know how to make slaw for hot dogs. True slaw dog aficionados know normally cut slaw is not the way to go. Instead, the cabbage needs to be chopped super fine, to the size of rice grains, with enough dressing to make it tasty, but not so much that it loses its structural integrity on the dog. This slaw is perfect, especially when paired with their homemade sauce. Make sure and go back several times so you can try all their sauces. They have mild, medium, and hot for those with a cast iron tongue.Flying Dogs Hot DogsBut hot dogs aren’t the only thing you can get there. Bratwurst, corn dogs, and kielbasa are also available. To go with your sausage, you can choose from fresh-cut fries (fried with the skins still on and crispy on the outside while still tender on the inside), waffle fries, nachos with cheese, and homemade no-bake cookies. The cookies are enormous, by the way, and quite tasty. 

Flying Dogs Hot DogsFlying Dogs Hot Dogs

There are specials available, like the Flying Dog Combo and Flying Dog Dozen, and the sauces and slaw are also available for sale in larger quantities. But whatever you get, you’ll enjoy it. The dining room is spartan and small, but that’s by design. The bulk of their business is through the drive through. If you do want to eat there, even if there isn’t room inside, there are also two picnic tables outside. The perfect way to have a hot dog and fries.