I remember catching my first fish at a lake just down the road from where I grew up. I also remember how funny it was to me – but how mad my dad was – when he tried to fish for another fishing pole he had just lost in the Ohio River. To me, fishing has always been about spending time with someone. Just you, the water, the great outdoors, the person you’re with and, if you’re lucky, fish.

Whether you’re fishing from a boat or a bank, or fishing for food or sport, “wetting a line” is an activity that has been shared for generations.

I wanted to highlight some of my favorite local spots to fish. If you haven’t checked some of these out, on your next day off with nothing to do, you should take a day trip.


Belleville Locks & Dam – Belleville, W.Va. 

About 23 miles out Route 68 from Route 50 towards Ravenswood, you’ll find my absolute favorite fishing hole. The waters of the Ohio River become more swift the closer you get to the dam and there are a bunch of snags if you hit the bottom, but you’ll catch Large Mouth, Small Mouth, Hybrid, White and Striped Bass, along with a bunch of Sauger and Walleye, Catfish and just about any other fish you can think of. You can fish from the rocks or piers.


Forked Run State Park – Reedsville, Ohio. 

Forked Run State Park is located in eastern Meigs County off of State Route 124. It includes a 102 acre pond that features a beautiful waterfall on the other side of the spillway that runs into a stream, which is also fishable. The park stocks the pond with trout.

Fishing MOV

Veto Lake – Veto, Ohio

Taking State Route 339 to Veto, you’ll find the lake by turning onto Veto Road. You can fish from the bank or by boat.


The Ohio River 

There are plenty of places to fish along the banks or by boat all along the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Streams and Creeks

The Mid-Ohio Valley has many creeks and streams. You have to find public access points, or ask permission from the owner of the bank you want to fish from. My favorite access point is below the Harra Covered Bridge in Waterford, Ohio. Not only are there fish to catch, but also the historic covered bridge serves as beautiful scenery.


There are plenty of other fishing spots than just the ones I listed. Just be sure that if you’re fishing in public areas, you have your fishing license to avoid fines from the DNR!

Brittany Fox is a Parkersburg, WV native who currently resides in Waterford, OH. She loves traveling, attending concerts, and is actually a competitive singer herself. Brittany also loves fishing, dirt track racing, and photography.