Ready to shake off the remnants of winter and embrace the warm weather? Do sun-kissed days have you dreaming of summer salads and plotting your flower beds?  Then I have one more reason for you to stop in downtown Marietta—the Farmers Market on Front Street is back for Season Two!

Beginning May 16th and running through August 15th, the Farmers Market on Front Street will operate every Tuesday from 10 am to 2 pm.  A big change for this season is the location—the market will be set up in the large parking lot of the historic Lafayette Hotel on Front Street.  The Lafayette stepped up to support and host the market, and there are many benefits of the new partnership.


The location is easily accessed and allows farmers to work out of their vehicles if necessary. The hotel will be offering lunch specials so people on a tight schedule don’t have to choose between eating lunch and shopping the market.  In addition, the dining staff will utilize the farmers’ produce whenever possible, making “farm to table” a reality and not just a buzz phrase.

If you were a regular at last year’s Farmers Market on Front Street, we thank you. And rest assured most of your favorite vendors are returning this season—Stacy’s Farm, R & K Wagner Farms, Hare and Feather, WASCO, to name a few.  We’ve also welcomed new vendors such as Jiva Bath and Body, Seasonal Salads, Slice of Life Bakery and Smokin Pig’s Ash BBQ.   The applications are still coming in so we expect the market to grow steadily as the season progresses.

For food truck fans, there’s more good news. The new Busy Bee Restaurant truck will be making its appearance, and additional food trucks are expected to join the lineup.

I’m sure you are aware of the benefits of urban farmers markets—healthy seasonal food at its best with no forced ripening or long distance shipping. We can enjoy the fruits and vegetables freshly picked and perfectly ripe, the way they are meant to be eaten. Not only is the produce fresher and tastier, it’s a lot less likely to be treated with pesticides and chemicals, because small farmers work hard to grow food with minimal processing.

If you are concerned about the environment and sustainability, then shopping at a farmers market should be first on your grocery list. Processed food in grocery stores travels an average of 1,500 miles before you buy it.  That’s a lot of fuel, pollution, packaging and trash required to provide foods that we can buy locally.  In addition, conventional agriculture (aka mega producers) use a lot more resources and less sustainable methods than small farmers.

You’ll find that the Farmers Market on Front Street is about much more than buying produce and hand crafted goods. Extra features planned for the season include educational booths promoting healthy initiatives, demonstrations and recipes using the available produce and products, and interactive activities for all ages.  Meeting the people that grow your food and hearing the stories behind the hand crafted goods adds a value to the experience that can’t be duplicated at the local big box grocer.

Come join us on Tuesdays, and meet the local growers and hand crafters and enjoy the healthy goodness you’ll find. You’ll leave with fresh food, home made goods, and the community feeling of life in a small town.