There is an art to eating a meal. When created by a master of the trade – the medium, the presentation, and the atmosphere all create something wonderful. Like any art, the art of the meal is more enjoyable when shared with friends.

Emanuel’s Bakery and Diner on Front Street in Marietta is perfecting the art of the meal. Opening in October near the 100th birthday of its namesake, the restaurant is bringing a little bit of the rest of the world to the Mid-Ohio Valley. From the outside, visitors are invited inward by the delectable smells and bright lights that dot the brick walls. Patrons are seen gathered together enjoying coffee and conversation around the tables.

The menu is designed for sharing a meal. Guests can choose several smaller sized dishes to split amongst the table. The dishes are perfectly portioned for sharing and most are meant to be eaten by hand which slows down the meal and offers more time to talk and engage during.


Options include spring rolls, empanadas and kebabs. They also feature what is possibly the world’s best hummus. If you’re not sure what to sample, just ask – they are more than willing to give suggestions based on your preference. There are foods available for everyone and every pallet.

“You have to try the croissants – you can close your eyes and see heaven,” David, Emanuel’s owner, said. Not surprisingly, the pastries are made fresh everyday and often sold out before the day is over.

Although it’s truly impossible to order anything bad from the menu, the restaurant is known for a few signature dishes. As mentioned, the hummus is a trade secret that keeps people coming back for more. Most notably, they have a Belgium Waffle Burger on the menu. It’s truly heart-stopping and advised for those with the biggest of appetites. In addition to those, they offer chocolate empanadas to end the meal that are a twist on traditional empanada dreamed up by Jennie. Gooey chocolate is surrounded by fried pastry which comes with a scoop of ice cream and a mint leaf – perfection.


Everything is homemade by David, the owner, in the kitchen. So, yes, sometimes the food may take a little longer to arrive. However, David points out that everything worthwhile takes some time. The kebabs, which are amazing, take at least twelve minutes each to be fresh and ready to represent the Emanuel’s name.

David and Jennie, who are originally from Israel, own the establishment. David manages the kitchen, while Jennie is the face of the restaurant. David is experimental in the kitchen often creating one-of-a-kind dishes that bring out the best in the restaurant. David learned his trade in the army eventually relocating to the Mid-Ohio Valley.


“Marietta is the best city in the world, but West Virginia is the best state,” David said. David and Jennie both love the community packing into the restaurant to try the food, and the support they get from the communities in which they live and work.