We live in a world today where everyone gets judged immediately upon being seen. We get only one shot to make a first impression and no first impression is more important than the one with a potential new employer.  When showing up for an interview, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your attire.

When choosing what suit to wear to an interview, make sure it’s a classic two- button suit. A three-button suit is just too outdated, while a double-breasted can come off as as being a little too aggressive. Remember you don’t want to send the wrong message. Keep the suit color neutral; stick with grey or navy. If the only color you have is black, that’s ok, but black is normally reserved for more formal occasions.

The most important element of your interview attire is the fit of the suit. The phrase “It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it” couldn’t be more accurate. This can not be stressed enough; make sure the suit is the correct size. The chest size is the first thing to look for. The chest area of the suit needs to lay flush with your chest, a little snug but not restrictive to where you can’t move. If the buttons are pulling, it’s too small. The shoulder of the suit should end where your natural shoulder ends. If it extends too far, it’s too big; if it’s pulling tight, it’s too small. The sleeve should fall right around the natural wrist and should allow about half an inch of the dress shirt to show.

As for the pants, They should fit around the waist without a belt, wearing a belt is still recommended but a proper pair of pants don’t need one to be worn. The pant legs should not have excess fabric or look “wide leg” as it will throw off the entire suit. The width of the pant leg is just as important as the length. The pant leg should just hit the top of the dress shoe and have just a slight break in it.

The dress shoes tie the entire suit together. If you neglect the shoes it’s like washing your car and leaving the tires dirty. The shoes should be black or brown oxford. Slip on shoes like a loafer are just not appropriate for an occasion such as an interview. Last thing with the bottom half, make sure you wear dress socks. I prefer to do something a little more fun with my socks, but most of the time its best just to wear socks that match the color of the suit.

As for your accessories, (such as the tie, pocket square and jewelry), keep it classic. colors such as navy, grey, black and red, are all appropriate choices for your tie and pocket square. Stay away from pastel colors and patterns that are too busy. If you decide to wear a watch, make sure it’s not too flashy. Avoid diamond faces or bands, a plain silver link or leather band will do just fine. Last but not least, remember to make sure your shirt is ironed, suit is pressed and shoes are polished.