Charleston, WV metallers Dread Utopia are proud to announce the release of their debut instrumental demo titled ‘Dread Utopia’. Says founding member Harry Glaspell, “This demo is a long time coming. The band has been in existence for three years with a few lineup changes, so I am just happy that we can finally release our music to the world and everyone can hear what we are about”. 
Call it Stoner Rock, Doom Metal, Prog Metal, or Death Metal; ‘Dread Utopia’ cannot be pigeon holed to a single genre of metal music. “The music on this demo is a direct representation of who we are and how our musical influences have shaped our music. Our goal is simple: create heavy music that we love to play”, said Harry.
As noted by the website A&R Factory in their recent review of the initial release track ‘Test of Wills’, “The instrumental track didn’t need vocals, the instrumentals carried so much momentum and energy alone, there was little room for lyrical offering. As much as I adore the atypical, sludgy Heavy Metal vocals the guitar-driven riffs spoke volumes as they fluidly went about their thrashing chord progressions around the concordantly rhythmic drum rolls.”
‘Dread Utopia’ was recorded live at The Bakery in Charleston, WV and tracked by Jason ‘Roadblock’ Robinson. ‘Eyes That Hypnotize’ and ‘Test of Wills’ were mixed and mastered by Jamie Skeen. ‘Starlord’, ‘Chasing Dreams’, & ‘Doomus’ were mixed and mastered by lead guitarist Tim Stuart.
‘Dread Utopia’ can be streamed exclusively on Bandcamp at: 
About the band: Born out of the infamous Chemical Valley of West “By God” Virginia, Dread Utopia was formed in 2015. Dread Utopia is just four dudes who love to play heavy music and try not to take themselves too seriously.