I have a confession…I am addicted to condiments.  I has been two hours since my last bite.  What can I say, I like sauce!  Which makes total sense as I am a bit saucy myself.  So it is with great pleasure that I bring you the first of what I hope to be many Mallory’s Condiment Confidential’s.

I think it is best to start with the basics, and this is one of my all-time favorite pantry staples – Sweet Hot Mister Mustard.

Mister Mustard

Although the watery yellow squeeze bottle has its place on my shelf, I prefer my mustard with a little more depth.  I first tried this bottle of Sweet Hot Mister Mustard on a whim one day during an all-office lunch, and I have been hooked ever since.

I was so surprised that this tiny glass bottle delivered so much flavor and complexity.  It is so creamy that it feels like it should be terrible for you.  Like you are eating something ‘off limits’ as far as diets go.  But I am excited to announce that this delight is only 10 calories per serving, no fat and no cholesterol.

The title really says it all, it is a bit spicy, a hint of sweet, lots of tang and loads personality.  The velvety texture of this mustard reminds you of a gourmet mayo – but better.

Although you could eat is straight from the jar, it makes a great pairing in many dishes.  It is amazing on crackers, and will do just the trick balancing a meat and cheese plate.  It is simply fabulous in cold dishes, especially homemade chicken salad.  Sauté up some smoked sausages, onions, and shredded cabbage with a spoonful of Mr Mustard for a dish that transports you straight to Poland.  When you are running towards the end of your jar, which is bound to happen, just add some vinegar, splash of water, and shake it up for a tasty mustard vinaigrette.  This condiment is so versatile, so cheap, so good for you, and I have not even gotten to the best part!  It is OHIO made!  Made in by Woeber’s Mustards, out of Springfield, Ohio, about an hour outside of Columbus.  You can find it at Foodland, or order it off their website.  So do yourself a favor and grab yourself a jar or two, you will be glad you did!