Did you know the Mid-Ohio Valley is chock full of great local restaurants? That a large number of truly unique small businesses call the MOV their home? Did you know that the MOV is home to local events that draw crowds in the tens of thousands and that communities in the MOV are consistently ranked at the top of tourism-inspired lists?

Well if you didn’t, now you do and in the spirit of celebrating all the things that make the MOV a great place to live, work, and play, we are excited to announce the Best of the MOV in 2019!

Best of the MOV will kick off with an open-nomination period through our Instagram account every single day from January 1st to January 15th. Nominations will be collected from more than 80 different categories, including Best Local Coffee Shop, Best Local Photographer, Best Hair Salon, Best Place to Take a Selfie, Best Trivia Night, Best Festival, Best Hiking Trail, and many more! (Nominations should be for independent, locally owned businesses.)

After all the nominations have been collected, voting will launch in mid-January on our website where everyone in the MOV is invited to cast their ballots for their choice in each category. After voting closes, the winners will be announced with grand celebration during our Best of the MOV Party where winners will be recognized with a Best of the MOV award, an exclusive Best of the MOV sticker, and listed in our official Best of the MOV 2019 Guide!

The Best of the MOV will highlight the best of the best across the communities in the MOV; there are so many reasons to love this place we call home, and we want to uplift each and every one of them.

The Best of the MOV Guide will be used to promote the communities in the MOV; to encourage residents to explore their town with fresh perspective, to inspire tourists to choose the MOV for their next weekend getaway destination, to boost confidence in young families who are raising their children in the MOV, to lift the spirits of local leaders who are charged with guiding our way to a bright future for our region, and to celebrate all things local.

So, how can you support this effort?

Kicking off on January 1st, the Clutch MOV Instagram account will begin collecting nominations for each and every category with Instagram Polls every day via our Instagram Story. After 8 a.m. every morning, you can place your nomination in a number of brand-new categories through January 15th.

No worries if you miss a day of nominations – the Clutch MOV Instagram Profile Page will house a special Highlights section just for the Best of the MOV Campaign, so you can go back through previous polls and submit any nominations you’ve missed.

For the purposes of ensuring as few kinks as possible in our very first year of this campaign, we are limiting nominations to Wood and Washington counties only. In the future, we hope to expand to surrounding counties.

It’s time to get started! Set your alarms, follow Clutch MOV on Instagram, and get ready to celebrate the Mid-Ohio Valley!