Cash Mob Mondays in Marietta have become a staple for our most loyal of local lovin’ shoppers. Every month, a group of shoppers gather together on the promise of spending a minimum of $10 each in a surprise downtown location. Shop owners stay open late to welcome shoppers, some offering refreshments, discounts, and more.

In 2017, Cash Mob events included more than Cash Mob Mondays. Our Speed Mob brought shoppers around downtown on our local trolley to visit three different locations in one night and Mega Mob, hosted on a Saturday, featured a day-long opportunity to shop local with six different shops in our downtown.

Overall, Cash Mob events in 2017 captured nearly $10k in revenue for over 30 downtown businesses thanks to over 200 shoppers. In 2018, we’ve grown the program even more thanks to Cash Mob Coordinator Charlie Clay, owner of Dad’s Primitive Workbench.

“Cash Mob means supporting your local shops on a monthly basis with friends and family. As a business owner myself, it allows me the opportunity to give back and to also learn what each shop has to offer; that way, I am better prepared for answering customer questions when they are looking for something I do not have”, says Clay.

In 2018, shoppers can expect even more out of Cash Mob events.

“This year, we are so excited to switch it up and have more stores, new fun games, and more trivia. We hope to introduce new customers to what Cash Mob is,” shares Clay.

Launching on Monday, January 8th with a “Dub” Mob, this Cash Mob Monday featured not one but two downtown locations for shoppers to explore exclusively thanks to the Cash Mob program.

In fact, 7 Cash Mob events in 2018 are Dub Mobs, which allows shoppers to build relationships with even more shop owners in our beloved downtown. Brand new to 2018 are Story Mobs, a unique spin on the Cash Mob structure.

“Story Mobs are mob events where shoppers are not expected to spend money, unless they’d like to. The focus of Story Mobs are to learn the stories of our shop owners, the shop, and what they’re all about! Mobbers will have snacks and view demos and experience other behind-the-scenes looks at the specialty shops participating in these events!” explains Clay.

Our final Cash Mob event of 2018 is once again our newly-famed Mega Mob, taking place on a Saturday during the peak of the holiday shopping season in December. Mega Mob will feature six downtown locations, all anxiously awaiting Cash Mob shoppers to enter their store and learn more about what they offer.

As always, no Cash Mob shopper walks away empty-handed. Whether it be a discount or gift, a refreshment, or a goody bag giveaway, we strive to make these events fun for shoppers and profitable for our downtown shops!

The true success of our downtown can be measured through the success of our downtown businesses, and we hope you join us in 2018 to shop local in #MyMarietta!