As a fashion lover I’m always ecstatic when I hear about new clothing boutiques opening. One thing I love doing while visiting other towns is perusing their downtown areas and visiting the local shops. We’ve been blessed to have some established businesses already but when we continue to see new businesses opening? Well that’s just exciting! So let’s talk fashion for a bit and what you can find in downtown Marietta. As I mentioned before there’s already a variety of shops to visit for local fashion finds so I’m going to take a minute to share something new with you.

Sugar Maple Boutique opened last month and here very soon Emleigh and Mama B’s will open their doors. If you haven’t visited downtown Marietta lately make sure and hit up your favorite local restaurant followed by some exquisite shopping. As a matter of fact, why not attend First Friday this month and do just that. In the meantime enjoy the sneak peek from the newest boutiques in town and a cameo from one of the OG’s.

Left: Sugar Maple Boutique  
Right: Emleigh and Mama B’s (floral print top)

Wristlet and necklace Wit & Whimzy and earrings Emleigh and Mama B’s

Sugar Maple Boutique

Left: Top and bottoms Emleigh and Mama B’s
Right: Dress Teri Ann’s

Wristlet from Wit & Whimzy and earrings from Emleigh and Mama B’s

Left: Top and Skirt from Emleigh and Mama B’s 
Right: Dress and necklace from Sugar Maple Boutique

Sugar Maple Boutique

Wit & Whimzy

So next time you’re looking for a new place to shop, don’t forget to visit downtown Marietta!

Featured Shops: Sugar Maple Boutique, EmLeigh & Mama B’s, Wit & Whimzy, and Teri Ann’s

Models: Molly Vincent and a Courtney Smith

Stylist: Courtney Smith of 7.4.0

Photographer: Andi Roberts of Hot Tomato Portrait Studio

Venue: Passiflora Studio