Marjorie Clayman

Helping to Feed the Hungry

Small towns are not pre-destined to be centralized locations for nice, supportive people. Despite the general idea that small towns are safe, secure, and tightl...

Say Hello to the New Coffee Roaster in Town

When you talk to entrepreneurs in the Mid-Ohio Valley, you tend to find that unlike Silicon Valley slick types, these people are pretty down-to-earth and even are pretty darned humble. That’s why I wasn’t ALL that surprised when Tonya Winebrenner, wh...

Visit the Galley Again for the First Time

Dine Here, Play Here, Stay Here One night, when I was in college, I was sitting in the dorm lounge with a bunch of friends and, as we tended to do, we were having a super deep, very philosophical conversation. One of my friends told everyone to clos...

La Musée Rose

Sometimes, when we see something that exceeds our ability to easily describe it, we rely on a statement like, “If x and y had a baby, that would be it.” La Musé...
Marjorie Clayman

Marjorie Clayman


Marjorie is the Director of Marketing at Clayman & Associates, located in Marietta, Ohio. History buff, crafter...buff, and Marietta buff.