Angela O'Curran Lopez

Follow the Beat

Band-O-Rama Returns to Marietta On any given fall Friday night, the sound of drums can be heard echoing from Don Drumm stadium just off Greene Street. In t...

Gluten-Free MOV

With the number of people adopting a diet free of wheat and gluten, be it due to Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity or personal choice, restaurants have been f...

Chase McCoy Brings Gifts & More to Marietta

The time for giving is in full swing, and the Mid-Ohio Valley is full of places to search for the perfect gift. The newest shop on the block in downtown Marietta is Gifts & More located on the corner of Scammel and Third Street. Owned and operat...


In a community so full of musical talent, rarely does a weekend pass by without a live show or three playing at one of many local venues. Some of the acts cove...
Angela O'Curran Lopez

Angela O'Curran Lopez

Author & Photographer

Angela is a writer and photographer born and raised right here in the Mid-Ohio Valley. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Spanish from Ohio University and lived abroad during part of her time there. She is passionate about music, art, and history. When not working her day job, she can be found wandering around town, with her camera in hand, capturing the beauty in the everyday.