Under the instruction of ArtCart Teachers, Elizabeth Grounds, and Kate Smith 5th grade art students from, Neale Elementary, Greenmont Elementary, Vienna Elementary, Criss Elementary, Lubeck Elementary, Emerson Elementary, Williamstown Elementary and Blennerhassett Elementary have created some amazing artwork. The lesson was “Collaborative Cardboard Cityscapes where students created a cardboard cityscape mural with their classroom. Each student created a component of the city then it was put together to create a display. The cityscapes are displayed at the Grand Central Mall in the hallway in front of Belk Store.

The ArtCart Program is an in-school arts education program. The ArtCart is administered by Artsbridge; led by Director and Educator Kate Esbenshade Hushion in collaboration with instructors.

You can find the program in 15 Wood County elementary schools, where 15 of 16 schools do not have certified art instructors. ArtCart provides art once a week to fourth and fifth graders at each school from August to June. This extension is made possible by donations from Wood County Board of Education, The Spartan Foundation, PARS Foundation, WV Department of the Arts, Artsbridge, The Parkersburg Community Foundation and several other donors.

The ArtCart’s mission is to offer kids the opportunity for arts education in their curriculum during the school day. The creative experiences students get through the ArtCart instruction provides them with a more well-rounded education that emphasizes the problem solving, innovation, and cognitive skills they need to be successful in any environment!