New Matamoras, Ohio’s own Anthony Mossburg has released his latest effort “Crazy,” and we were lucky enough to receive an advance copy of the album. Anthony began recording the album in January in Newark, Ohio after an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, where he raised over $18,000 to cover production and distribution costs for the album. The final result is a collection that sounds as crisp and clean as anything coming out of Nashville or LA today.

The album begins with the title track, “Crazy.” The mellow opening bursts into a driving beat for the chorus. “Maybe I am crazy/Maybe I’ll never be all you want from me” We don’t know who Anthony is talking to here, but he is taking a stand, and the uplifting music and big drums should make the message loud and clear to the recipient.

After “Dancing With Fire,” an intense track with some great guitar work, comes the stand out song, “Tornado.” A piano opening leads to a heartfelt chorus “You’re just like a tornado touching down/You don’t stop until you bring the city to the ground.” This ballad would feel right at home on country radio today, and the backing vocals definitely add to the power of the song.

This isn’t to say Anthony is a country singer. He avoids all of the tacky cliches of the genre, but the music still has a bit of a country feel to it, sliding in somewhere between country and adult alternative. It’s clear that Anthony isn’t worried about fitting into a particular category, only caring about getting his message across.

“Getting the message across” is a good way to describe the middle tracks of “Almost Famous,” the nostalgia-laden “When We Were Kids” and the sentimental “Carolina.” Anthony is a truly gifted songwriter with lyrics that, while open to interpretation in some sparing places, generally tell a concise story and cover a wide variety of topics.

According to Anthony’s Kickstarter page, this album is meant to break him from “the box (everyone) put me in.” He goes on to describe the album as “a heart-on-the-sleeve, guts-in-the-open kind of album. Once I stripped the pretense and categories away from my music, I found what matters most.” Anyone can appreciate the courage it takes to remove yourself from the status quo that you’re known for, and branch out into what you truly want to do.


The album wraps up with two excellent songs, “These Waters” and “I Close My Eyes.” The latter is a very intimate experience. The first half of the song features only Anthony and an acoustic guitar playing a soft, melodic rhythm, before leading in to a crescendo of loud guitars and booming drums. Anthony sings, “It’s your voice inside my head/It keeps me cold when I see red” as the album comes to a quiet and peaceful close.

I have never met Anthony Mossburg, and even with his incredible local popularity, I hadn’t heard any of his music before this album. I see what the hype is all about. It’s admirable to see an MOV guy try and make it as a full-time musician. Check out the album on Spotify or iTunes, and support local music.