If you’ve seen the iconic image of a pink moon rising over Marietta’s cityscape, you’ve seen the work of local photographer Bruce Wunderlich. Known for his vibrant landscapes and vivid nature photography, Bruce has a loyal following of residents and tourists alike. His iconic photos of the Mid-Ohio Valley are quick to go viral on social media, showcasing the best of our region’s scenic views.

Bruce first became interested in photography as a teenager in the 1970’s and has been a passionate student of the art ever since. “My first memory of taking a photo was for a 3rd grade science project, but I became passionate about photography while in high school,” he said. “Of course that was in the days of film photography. My dad helped me set up a dark room in our basement. I took photos for the school newspaper, and nearly everything I photographed then was in black and white. I have always enjoyed art, and photography became my medium. With the advancement of digital photography, my skills have sharpened and opportunities to share my passion have increased.”

Photo by Bruce Wunderlich of the Queen of the Mississippi

In addition to building his own portfolio, Bruce hosts photo walks throughout Marietta to share tips and ideas with other local photographers of all skill levels. He has hosted Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walks each October for the past three years, a tradition he plans to continue. Bruce said he enjoys sharing his knowledge of photography and showing other photographers the many subjects the city of Marietta has to offer.

There is literally a photo op around every corner in Marietta.

“Lookout Point at the top of Harmar Hill is always a great place to start for a scenic shot of Marietta,” he said. “There is literally a photo op around every corner in Marietta,” noting that the waterways and the Ohio River levee are a few of his favorite spots.

Photo by Bruce Wunderlich of the Queen of the Mississippi

On July 2nd, Bruce hosted a Photo Walk during the Queen of the Mississippi’s visit. He was joined by photographers Bonnie Bauerbach, Cathy Norosky, and Nancy Harris.

“I really enjoyed the Photo Walk, Bruce is so knowledgeable and gave us several suggestions on our walk,” said Cathy. “He surprised us with a trip to the rooftop of the Lafayette Hotel to shoot pictures of The Queen of the Mississippi which offered us an amazing view.” Cathy described the walk as laid back and accessible for photographers of any skill level. “Bruce will advise you on your settings and angles which I found very helpful. My goal was to get away from using my automatic settings and learn more about my camera,” she said. “I think anyone would enjoy this whether you have a mobile phone or an expensive camera. I’m already looking forward to the next walk!”

Photo by Cathy Norosky of the Queen of the Mississippi from the Ohio River Levee

Nancy Harris, who drove two hours to attend on Tuesday, said it was well worth the drive. “The Queen of the Mississippi was beautiful and we had a very special location for shooting it!”

I take every opportunity to soak up as much photography knowledge as I can, I am looking forward to more walks.

Bruce said he intends to schedule more walks throughout the summer and perhaps into the fall. “Some of the walks may have themes. So far I’ve led a Flag Day walk, a “Postcard walk, and of course the Queen of the Mississippi walk.”

Photo by Nancy Harris of the Queen of the Mississippi from the Lafayette Rooftop

“Bruce is an amazing photographer and to have him share his expertise and on a beautiful subject like the Queen makes for time well spent,” said Bonnie. “I take every opportunity to soak up as much photography knowledge as I can, I am looking forward to more walks.”

With every walk, Bruce hopes participants learn to take control of their cameras and use light and composition to crate beautiful images of Marietta. “To quote my hero Ansel Adams, ‘The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!’ No matter what quality camera you have, I encourage photographers to keep trying to learn more. And practice, practice, practice!”

Panoramic photo taken by Bonnie Bauerbach of the Queen of the Mississippi

Bruce’s photos can be found on Facebook and his website, and are also available for sale at special events like tonight’s First Friday event in Downtown Marietta. Bruce will be set up in front of Dad’s Primitive Workbench from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. today, July 5th selling prints, postcards, magnets, and calendars featuring his photography. Bruce will also be set up at this year’s Great Marietta Marketplace event on Saturday, August 24th at East Muskingum Park!

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