Last year was a benchmark year for Clutch MOV – in 2018, we published more stories and enjoyed more reader engagement than we have in any previous year. Plus, between our advertising partners and our product line, we’ve been able to promote the region effectively while also growing our internal capacity to do what we do: celebrate culture, community, and creativity in the MOV through positive storytelling, local events, area promotion, and more.

Thank you, to all of you, who follow us on social media, visit our website, and contribute positivity in the MOV. We love this place and we want you to love it, too!

Moving forward into 2019, Clutch MOV continues to grow in both engagement and impact. We have new changes on the horizon and lots of exciting news to share. What’s so exciting, you ask?

Our local-inspired product line is growing.

That’s right! Our product line currently includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, keychains, stickers, postcards, calendars and more. This year, we are going to grow our product line not only in what products we offer but also in designs that highlight the Mid-Ohio Valley. We’ll expand the locations we love on through our line of products and find new ways to connect locals to quality goods all in the name of community love.

A new workshop series aims to support local businesses and nonprofits.

This month, we rolled out a monthly workshop series focused on increasing the capacity of small businesses and local nonprofits. The Mid-Ohio Valley is strong because of our unique shops, varied restaurants, and passionate nonprofits working hard to meet their mission day in and day out. We want to do our part to support you as you support our region. Our monthly workshops span a variety of topics, from marketing to promotions to strategic planning and more. Click here to learn more about our workshops.

Brand new unique and dynamic advertising opportunities are available.

In the spirit of supporting local, we offer advertising opportunities to local businesses and organizations on our website and social media. With a reach of nearly 100k across networks, we want to share the love! In 2019, we’ve rolled out brand new advertising options, including event advertising and campaign-focused advertising. Campaigns like Shop Small MOV, Happy Hour in the MOV, Best of the MOV and others have already made an impact!

Our very first sponsored, investigative content series is on the horizon.

In 2018, we published nearly 200 articles – that’s almost 4 articles every single week of the year. This year, we’re not only looking to increase that number by engaging more writers but also launch our very first solutions journalism series. For us, each series will be a collection of pieces curated around a specific topic or question that is important for our region. Through the work of our writers and community partners, we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of the selected focus area and doing our part to uplift some very important conversations.

Our first series will take a closer look at aging in the Mid-Ohio Valley, looking at transportation, infrastructure, healthcare, abuse, isolation, and more. This series is set to launch in the second half of the year!

We broke the internet with Best of the MOV, and we’re not even done yet!

Right now, we are collecting nominations in more than 90 categories of life in the MOV through our Facebook and Instagram. On January 17th, the official Best of the MOV polls will open and locals across the region will have the chance to submit their ballots for what local businesses, organizations, and individuals they deem are worthy of being honored the very best. After polls close and winners are announced, we will publish our very first Best of the MOV Guide to be used to promote the communities in the MOV: to encourage residents to explore their town with fresh perspective, to inspire tourists to choose the MOV for their next weekend getaway destination, to boost confidence in young families who are raising their children in the MOV, to lift the spirits of local leaders who are charged with guiding our way to a bright future for our region, and to celebrate all things local.

This list may be short but accomplishing our goals is no small feat. It takes a full body of dedicated individuals to continue doing what we do and celebrate the MOV. In 2018, over 26 writers contributed to our articles alongside a handful of high-quality local photographers. In 2019, we’re looking to grow our team!

Are you a writer looking to work on selected pieces for our magazine? A photographer interested in showing off the MOV in all of its beauty? A local nonprofit director looking to hone your skills or a local business owner looking to grow your reach? Make one of your goals in 2019 to build a stronger relationship with us at Clutch MOV!

This year is truly going to be the best year yet and we can’t wait to take you along with us.