Mid-Ohio Valley 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year

Clutch MOV is proud to sponsor this year’s Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneur of the Year! Clutch MOV envisions a community where citizens can take risks on the promise that success would uplift the residents of our valley. Artists, creators, makers, and small business owners strive to build something anew, something worth putting their stamp on – to promote and share with each other – and entrepreneurs are on the edge, finding ways to build in a way that hasn’t been done before.

The winner of the award will be publicly announced at the Mid-Ohio Valley Entrepreneurial Expo on September 26th, 2019 at Marietta College.

Clutch MOV is dedicated to celebrating entrepreneurs because they push our community forward. Please join us in celebrating our top six finalists!

Andrea Shirey | One Nine Design

Andrea created One Nine Design for the nonprofits and small businesses she saw compromising on professional branding and digital marketing due to limited resources. Offering services focused around building modern and functional websites, designing email marketing campaigns, and more, Andrea saw a niche where she could use her background in nonprofit leadership and higher education fundraising to help those who needed it most, without breaking their budgets. Her ultimate goal is to empower her clients to take ownership over their digital home, have confidence in their online presence, and equip them to make a great first impression. Andrea is committed to supporting local nonprofits as well as giving a portion of her profits to female entrepreneurs around the world. A wife and mom to two boys, Andrea says she has an incurable case of wanderlust. She also enjoys listening to podcasts, reading books, and getting outside for long walks with her dog, Kai!

Chase Chovan | Monkey’s Uncle Tattoo

A graduate of Marietta High School Class of 1986, Chase moved to Pittsburgh and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he received an Associate’s Degree in Visual Communication. His professional career started in Charlotte, N.C. in 1993 where he served a two-year apprenticeship before moving on to work in many different shops in Cocoa Beach, Orlando, Atlanta, Blacksburg/Roanoke, and Bloomington. During those years, Chase worked at five Tattoo conventions before finally returning home in 2003. Chase says it was difficult but he slowly was able to accomplish goals. On February 13th, 2015, he was able to open his dream: Monkey’s Uncle Tattoo. Since its launch, Monkey’s Uncle Tattoo has been a bright spot in Harmar Village, sponsoring family events, volunteering with neighborhood cleanup efforts, and contributing to the growing arts community.

Jared Perry | IncSwell, Sixmo Architects & Engineers

Jared is the Director of Operations for Sixmo Architects & Engineers and avid entrepreneur with investments in software, real estate, and others. He also happens to be a co-founder in IncSwell, a micropolitan-based collaborative workspace and business incubator that has its roots in rural Southeast Ohio. Additionally, Jared sits on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for Marietta College, The City of Marietta’s Historical Review Board, Friends of the Museum Advisory Board, as well his Church’s Finance & Executive Boards. Jared’s personal interests revolve around his wife, two kids, and the economic planning and redevelopment of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Jay Walker | Comic Sense

A retired state trooper, Jay opened his shop, Comic Sense, in Belpre, OH in 2015. According to his customers, Jay is always smiling when they walk into the shop, whether it’s their first time or their 100th time. Comic Sense sells comic books and related items and hosts special events, including special game tournaments that are free to attend. By creating a welcoming environment, Jay has effectively created a “third space” in Comic Sense, where teens feel comfortable hanging out after school without feeling any pressure or obligation to make a purchase. Jay puts his heart and soul into ensuring that every person that enters has a good and positive experience, and frequently gives back to his community at every opportunity.

Molly Floding | My Mommy Mart

A native of Alabama, Molly moved to the Mid-Ohio Valley in 2009 to start My Mommy Mart, LLC. My Mommy Mart, LLC is a seasonal children’s consignment event with over 300 local families participating in each event. A huge part of the event is giving back to local charities such as GoPacks for Kids and Sufficient Grace Ministries. Molly is an alumnus of AmeriCorps and is on the fundraising committee for GoPacks for Kids. In between MMM events, you can find Molly managing Holl’s Swiss Chocolates or working in her flowers.

Sara Sauls | Joe Momma’s Kitchen

Sara is the owner of Joe Momma’s Kitchen. Along with her husband Eric, she manages and operates the kitchen with the help of their children, Mya and Wilson. Joe Momma’s Kitchen is the very definition of “family-owned and operated.” Joe Momma’s mission statement states that they will strive to be a positive contributing member of our community. 100% of all tips collected at Joe Momma’s are donated to a different local charity each month. In their first year of full-service operation, they’ve been blessed to donate over $17,000 to local charities. Sara and Eric are incredibly proud of their team and the goals they have accomplished together.