#livelovemov: This little hashtag means quite a bit to us here at Clutch MOV. It’s not just the hashtag we use to label local pictures — it embodies our mission and our brand all in one. We use it to highlight moments of ‘living and loving life in the Mid-Ohio Valley,’ whether it’s a spectacular sunrise over the river or a cup of coffee with a friend. These are only a few of the many reasons why we love living here in the valley, and we want to proudly put these moments on display to show the rest of the world what makes this place so special.

From the beginning, Clutch MOV has been about changing the way people view the Mid-Ohio Valley, and we always knew social media had to play a large role. We started an Instagram account not to simply share the same content we were publishing on Facebook or our website, but to start an online community based on the idea that there’s more to the MOV than meets the eye. We started by posting our own photos while trying to encourage our followers to join us by using #livelovemov. Once it started to catch on, we began sharing more photos from our followers so that together, we could write a new narrative for this place we call home.

Five years later, this hashtag  has been used more than 26,000 times! To us, this is an amazing thing – to see so many moments of happiness captured. It means that we are a community who takes pride in our local shops, our brick streets and our historic landmarks. It means that we enjoy our lives here and the many blessings that we have been granted. And we thank all of you for sharing these moments with us and putting a big smile on our faces.

We’d like to share a few of our favorite #livelovemov photos from our Instagram account this year:

Thank you for joining us in sharing photos from across the beautiful Mid-Ohio Valley. If you don’t already, be sure to follow along for more in 2018!