In nineteen years the Red, White, and Blues Festival has only had to compete with rain twice, and 2013 was one of those years.  It is not their fault, it has been a really rainy summer.  Like, really wet.  So much that I cannot remember the last time I watered my garden, but we are getting off topic.

Although the rockin’ music did not echo off the brick buildings of the Lafayette Hotels parking lot and out into the street, it was still quite a party.  The Grand Ballroom of the Lafayette was so crowded that it went from standing room to squishing room quite quickly.

The lineup this year included Long Tall Deb, Austin Walkin Cane, and Ricky Nye Inc., and they kept the party energized into the wee hours of the night.

One of new features of the festival was the 32 oz. RWB collector’s beer mug.  Who does not love 32 oz. of golden goodness to wash some of the best blues around down?  Everyone had a smile on their face, especially those taking advantage of the free photo booth in the corner, sponsored by Premier Productions.  And if you were at the festival, there is no doubt that you saw the friendly faces of Stonebridge Operating Co- the title sponsor of the event.  Not only did they help make the event possible, but they brought tons of fun with them.  The Stonebridge staff was hanging out glow sticks, mugs, and bag chairs to friends, family, and strangers alike.  If there is one thing that Marietta is good at, it is making the best out of a rainy situation.

But the main highlight of the event is really its purpose.  The Red, White, and Blues Festival is hosted by Marietta Main Street, formerly ReSTORE Marietta, who uses the funds generated from the Red, White, and Blues Festival to fund beautification and preservation projects in downtown Marietta and Harmar Village.  A great event, for a great cause, if I do say so myself.  .

2014 will be the 20th year of the Red, White, and Blues Festival, and I hear they are planning one heck of a party, will I see you there?