“Man, wouldn’t it be cool to have that in the MOV?”

Locals are well versed in the “what-if” of this area, but over the past few years, the Mid-Ohio Valley has started to add more of those things you only see on the internet and in bigger cities. New cuisine, more businesses, a plethora of small shops, and so much more have all popped up in the valley lately, and we are here for it!

One such business is the Rage Room in Parkersburg. The idea of being allowed to smash and break and destroy things is fantastic, as a great stress reliever, a fun bonding experience with friends, a coping mechanism after a rough week, or all three! Given the state of the world over the past year or so, I can only imagine there would be a few people who would love to take a baseball bat to their work computer.

Graham Godwin saw this opportunity and jumped on it. “I decided to open a rage room because it was always something that interested me and I knew there wasn’t one in the area or anywhere close to here.” Graham explained that during the initial lockdown, he was tossing around ideas, researching, and sketching out plans. After noticing a local discussion board online asking locals what they’d like to see in the area, he knew a rage room would be more than popular in the MOV.

Being a Parkersburg native, Godwin has grown to love the downtown area and all the small businesses that make it an amazing community. As far as his location for the Rage Room, the Dils Center just seemed to make sense.

“I have been involved with the Dils Center since it was purchased by Todd Stubbe several years ago. He was a huge part of the revitalization of downtown Parkersburg, and he was a mentor to me.”

Even after the unfortunate passing of Stubbe and the purchase of the Dils Center, Godwin was able to build a relationship with the new owners, Vincent Kunz and Angela Harris. Godwin hopes to help the growth and development of the downtown area. Of course, no small business comes without lots of support, Graham’s wife Brittnie and his family have all been very supportive. Obviously his kids were super excited, and love to help out testing different activities. Even other local businesses have donated items and offered their support in the venture.

And the biggest support? The community. Locals and visitors alike have completely blown away Godwin’s expectations. Marketing and promotional info dropped before the business opened and it took off on social media. Likes, shares, comments, messages all overwhelmed the Godwin family as they prepped to open. The Mid-Ohio Valley has continued to show support, booking private parties for all ages in one of three special attractions that the Rage Room has. Along with the smashing and breaking part, there’s the Nerf Gun arena, the splash paint room, and a party room which allows them to offer activities of all kinds to families, and allows them to cater to kids of all ages.

Current hours are Friday 6-10 pm and Saturday 12-11 pm, and they are open for party bookings seven days a week! Check them out on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website rageroomwv.com to book your next rage session, and break someone else’s stuff.