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A query should include a gripping introduction and outline each of the article’s main points. How will your article engage our readership? Why does this topic fit in Clutch MOV? Why are you the right writer for the piece? Length and detail will vary depending on the tone and content of the article.

We would like for writers to include a writing sample to demonstrate writing style whether it’s from a blog, Facebook or an essay crafted to introduce yourself to Clutch.

Each submission must include your name and e-mail address. We will try to reply to each submission in a timely manner.

Accepted freelance articles should be submitted in electronic form in a Microsoft Word attachment. Writers must double-check all facts. We will not buy reprints of previously published articles, all material must be created specifically for publication in Clutch MOV.


Clutch MOV is a currently a volunteered project. All of the staff and contributing authors volunteer their time and talents to present this free, online publication to you.


Local: People, places, events. 700-1,000 words. Have you recently attended or hosted an awesome event that you want to share? Know someone that would be great to interview on the site? Give us a shout!

Health: Heath and wellness tips for mind, body and spirit. 500-800 words. Perhaps you want to write about a new hiking trail you discovered this weekend, or how joining a Kick-boxing class has completely changed your life. Or, maybe you have this realllly great smoothie recipe.

Stories: Changing features that spotlight culture, illuminate personalities and engage human interest. 1,000-1,600 words.

Food & Drink: Dish on your favorite recipes, providing instruction and tips on how to create the meals; inspired by the notion of community cookbooks. 300-500 words including recipe. Please include photographs of the final product, ingredients, and/or process.

Music: album reviews, regional talent, new music. 500-1,000 words.

Explore: places to go, things to see. 500-800 words. Have you recently discovered an new favorite place in or around the Mid-Ohio Valley? We’d love to hear about it and share it with our readers.

Culture: film reviews. artist spotlights. good design. theater. 500-800 words.

Do Good: making a difference. 500-800. Are you attending or hosting a service project, or trying to start a movement within your community? Let us know, and we’ll see if we can round up some help for you!

Or, anything else that you think might belong in the Clutch MOV community! We recommend taking a look through our archives & getting to know us.