Welcome to the land of AH-mazing sponsorship opportunities with ClutchMOV.

Our online publication is free to the public, but only through generous support from donors like yourself.  We are committed to hosting 4 social events a year to bring our loyal readers together for some food, libation, and fun.  And frankly, we need your help to pull it off.  But don’t worry, we offer you some awesome benefits in return.

First off, we eliminate your competition.  Our sponsorships opportunities are exclusive.  There will be no throwing your logo on a banner with 100 other sponsors.  You and your business are the highlight and the heros of the entire event.  You will be instant celebrities in town, everyone is going to LOVE you.

There is the typical sponsorship fare, as well.  Your logo will be everywhere, clickable links back to your site, and even shout-outs from the top of Harmar Hill.  We can offer heavy social media blitzing, plugs at the event, signage with just YOU on it! We always over-deliver, I promise you will be pleased.  It is awesome, we know!

Because these sponsorships are exclusive, they go fast! Below you will find our list of current donor opportunities.  The list is always changing, so check back often.  If you want to be notified as soon as openings become available or obtain a copy of our 2015 Media Kit, shoot us a message at clutchmov@gmail.com.

Blennerhassett Instameet Summer Event: Instameet Sponsorship    SOLD! To River City Design