Cassie Bateson

The DL on Disc Golf

Anhyzer. Tomahawk. Tombstone. Thumber. You might be wondering what I’m jabbering on about but those are actually all disc golf terms. It’s scored like golf wit...

Halloween Playlist

There are some things that are unequivocally ‘Autumn’ things. Drinking cider while carving pumpkins comes to mind as does enjoying that little nip in the air in...

Wind River

I went into Wind River not knowing a whole lot about the movie, which is rather refreshing in this day of non-stop and unavoidable advertisements. The only information I had was one trailer that my boyfriend had shown me a few weeks prior. Jeremy Ren...
Cassie Bateson

Cassie Bateson

Cassie is a graphic designer from Hackney. After brief stints in Pittsburgh and San Francisco she realized there really is no place like home and there she’s stayed ever since. She’s an avid reader and photographer who dreams of traveling to far off places in search of adventure.