Brooke Greenwood

28th Annual Fall Foliage Tour

The leaves are finally starting to change color here in the MOV. Apples are being picked, pumpkins are transforming into pies and mums are adorning the front po...

Stoked for (another!) Stoked

When I hear the word "stoked" I instantly think of words like excitement, fun, energy, happiness. So it's no surprise the first time I heard about Stoked Coffee...

Farm-to-Table with Witten’s

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley weย are blessedย to be surrounded by local farmers that supply our unwavering desire for fresh produce. There's no denying that more and more citizens are clamoring for local, homegrown fruits and vegetables. Julie Witten, C...

Marietta Sweet Corn Festival

What began as a gathering at the Witten Farm near Beverly, Ohio in the late 1990'sย has since blossomed into a festival that now spans from one edge of Muskingum...
Brooke Greenwood

Brooke Greenwood


Brooke, a MOV native, is a graduate of Washington State Community College and West Virginia University at Parkersburg. When she's not watching an old movie or an "I Love Lucy" rerun, she enjoys spending time outdoors, learning about American and local history, and snapping pictures.