Oh hey there, you saw our ad!

So, you have been looking for a way to tap into the pulse, and the pockets, of the growing young adult population in the MOV? What if we told you that we could bring you and your business directly to the demographic that you have been searching for? Yep, advertise with us!

Every month, 6k+ readers come here to read about what’s happening in the MOV. With a strong and ever-growing social media presence, Clutch MOV has established itself as the source for positive, uplifting content that young professionals care about. Our audience is large, young, smart and social. We engage with our audience across multiple platforms and we want to partner with local businesses that ‘get it’.

Our Advertising Philosophy

We love promoting our local businesses. Unlike others, we don’t view advertising as a necessary evil that pays the bills – we embrace it. Why? Our readers want to hear from and support local business. This is why we’ve redesigned our website to better integrate our content with attractive, local advertising.

Our Audience

We publish 3-5 stories a week on a website, send a handcrafted newsletter each Thursday at 1:00pm and do original reporting straight to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How large are we?

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 5,700+
  • Monthly Pageviews: 9,800+
  • Weekly Newsletter Subscribers: 1,100+
  • Instagram Following: 10,600+
  • Organic Facebook Reach: 15,000+

What type of person reads Clutch MOV?

We’re the local content source for young, intelligent professionals and influencers who care as much about the local brands they support as the content that they consume.

  • Young: 60% of our audience is 18-44.
  • Smart: We actively engage our local college communities and young professional organizations.
  • Explorers. Our readers like to try new restaurants and new experiences regularly.
  • Local. More than 70% of our audience lives in Ohio and West Virginia.

Our Advertising Options

A full-color ad with link is the way to go if you are looking for increased visibility of your business in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We have several budget-friendly options to choose from.

Sidebar Ads (336 x 280 px)  – Quarterly

  • Local Sidebar: $300
  • Culture Sidebar: $300
  • Food & Drink Sidebar: $300
  • Dear Clutch Sidebar: $200
  • Explore Sidebar: $150
  • Health Sidebar: $150
  • Home Sidebar: $150
  • Career Sidebar: $150
  • Inspire Sidebar: $150
  • Homepage Sidebar: $500
  • Calendar Sidebar: $500
  • Global Sidebar: $600

Banner Ads (970 x 90 px) – Quarterly

  • End-of-Content Banner: $1,000  (appears at the end of every article)
  • Limited to (1) per quarter

Footer Ads (125 x 125 px) – Quarterly

  • Thumbnail Ad (appears on every page): $300
  • Limited to (4) per quarter

We also offer advertising opportunities in our weekly email newsletter! Our newsletter goes out every Thursday afternoon, directly to 1,100+ of our most loyal readers, with recent content, announcements, and events happening each weekend. Our newsletter has been well received since its launch two years ago, maintaining a higher than average open and click rate.

Email Newsletter Ads (336 x 280 px) – Weekly or Monthly

  • Side Bar Ad in Newsletter: $50/week or $175/month
  • Limited spots available (2 per week)

Why We Exist

Clutch MOV exists because of our passion for our community. Our staff is comprised of skilled local writers, photographers and editors who are excited about what’s happening right here in our hometowns. We are the storytellers of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Without you, we would not be able to share high quality, uplifting, free content each week.

When you advertise with us, you are investing in this community, and we will do everything in our power to make it worth your while. If you are interested in any of our advertising options above, shoot us an email at clutchmov@gmail.com! We will be happy to send you more information on what we can do for you.