Our Team

The Clutch MOV Staff is comprised of many, many amazing people. We are writers and photographers, editors and event planners — each of us volunteering our time and talents to create interesting, engaging content for our readers. We meet monthly to brainstorm new ideas for articles and events so that we can provide you with the very best of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Sarah Arnold, Owner & Founder
Liv Hefner, Editor-in-Chief
Nate Knobel, Director of Photography
Austin Weiford, Podcast Host and Specialist
Lucy Welles, Events Coordination Intern
James Liebau, Marketing Intern
Caroline Sigmon, Graphic Design Intern

Sarah Drake, Author
McKenzie Fleeman, Author
Brittany Hapney, Author & Photographer
Hannah Kern, Author
Courtney Knoch, Author
Laura Pytlik, Author
Scarlet Sheppard, Author
Corey Shields, Author & Resident Songstress
Courtney Smith, Author
Joe Stephens, Author
Eli Stewart, Author
Chris Swarr, Author
Cristie Thomas, Author
Michelle Waters, Author & Photographer

If you are interested in joining our ranks, email us at and let us know!