As part of the What’s Next Wood County? initiative, we are excited to announce that there will now be one online calendar for the Mid-Ohio Valley to house all local events! A need for such a calendar was identified during the initial round of What’s Next Wood County? conversations that took place last spring. Although there are several local digital and print calendars, in the past there has never been one place for all events across the Mid-Ohio Valley.

A committee was formed and tasked with developing an attractive, user-friendly online community calendar that would allow events to be searched and filtered. It was also important for the calendar to allow for front-end input. The committee wanted to make sure organizations had the opportunity to include all necessary information about an event, and that events were easy to find and sift through. Several platforms were evaluated, researched and tested by the group to find the best possible solution.

The resulting calendar can be viewed right here, on Clutch MOV! The calendar serves both Wood and Washington Counties, and features events that are open to the community. Any organization can add their events to the calendar using the “Submit an Event” button. Events are then reviewed and approved by a moderator to make sure they meet the guidelines. The committee is excited to see the calendar fill up with the many events happening every week.

One of the reasons Clutch MOV was launched was to debunk the myth that “there is nothing going on” in the Mid-Ohio Valley. There is always something happening – it’s just a matter of knowing where to find the information. The committee hopes that by having everything in one place, it will be easier than ever to find and attend all kinds of events.

Clutch MOV will continue to send out our weekly recommendations in our email newsletter, but we also encourage you to check back to the community calendar as it begins to fill up. And the next time you hear someone complain that there is nothing to do, send them right here.